High expectations are the key to everything… On occasions!

20120130-214608.jpgAnyone that has been observing the local scene, might get a glimpse of what should’ve been… I know I did… And it’s no heaven on earth.

Ever since the turn of ’11 we all have been monitoring the news closely, people who never knew which channel was CNN, are now critics cause of the 12 months intensive news course we (Arabs) gained.

In Bahrain we have our own experience; as everyone else (my generation) on this island I had my first encounter back in ’94 when troubles started on the streets; the very same faces we see today, we saw back then with few different names added or removed…

Violence was the headline back then; where burning tires and all the writings on the wall became the 90’s thing; shiite Islamic personnel where the ones manning the front lines of that movement, where most of them formed Al Wefaaq National Islamic Society later… The main demand back then were constitutional reforms, a parliament, and equal share of responsibilities and obligations for both Shiites & Sunnite; and, people & ruling family…

Then came his Majesty the King, taking it from where his late father Prince Issa left it to him. He came with a total makeover to this Arabian island; from granting all exhiled political Bahrainis a full pardon, to establishing a national dialogue that resulted the agreed upon national charter and re-establishing the parliament.

As I recall, the King himself paid visits to religious leaders, and known families to put his hands on how to please all to move on; from there all scholars (including many other fronts) strongly advised their followers to vote for the newly adapted charter.

Few months down the line, after the official formation of political societies few boycotted the first parliamentary elections the island have witnessed in years; claiming that the charter was not executed the way they were promised. From a personal observation I couldn’t locate where the fault was, all I heard was ( we were cheated)! I myself have the first edition of the charter, and the newly printed… Identical!

The situation back then was somehow semi-stable, young boys (mostly) flirting with riot police on weekends, it gets bad around the national day (which was called “martyrs day” by Haq movement if I’m not mistaken) and around F1… Yet it was very stable compared to what we went through during the 90’s.

Then just right before the 2nd parliamentary elections, Al Wefaq and it’s affiliates decided to go with the flow and actually take part in the political game, and leave the streets. And so they did… It was so messy. They gave so many promises to the streets, and so many were not realistic at all, beside calling their opponents infidels and not trustworthy for being Liberal mainly. They won that round with distinct… Yet their supporters expectations were faced with nothing but excuses that the government is working against us, through their personnel within the parliament… Welcome to politics people, I mean I’m not claiming otherwise, but what did you think? That it would be a walk in the park? Either ways, the day they decided to enter the political front, naturally they should leave the streets… Leaving some pissed people there…

Then with the last elections last year, there were some rumours that they might boycott the parliament, that went to dust when they hit the polls very strong with 18 seats.

With the turn of 2011 and the winds of change storming the middle east, Tunisia & Egypt going under drastic political storms due to so-called young movements, and what seems to be every Arab leadership’s nightmare… Internet! Many took the initiative to try to do the same as their brothers and sisters did in those two nations, if not… At least they’ll settle for reforms, so everyone goes home happy.

So, it started in Bahrain with a facebook page made by a group of Bahrainis whom had it with the situation, and wanted to do it their way, keeping political societies out of the picture; while societies stayed on the bench observing, looking at the worst that could happen. Initially it was very small, then it got bigger and bigger… The 14th feb (that’s what they called themselves) lads took it to the next level; lacking a leader, political societies barged in when Ebrahim Sharif and Ali Salman blessed the movement.

The situations then escalated, when the Crown Prince appeared out of no where on national TV calming everyone down, and asking them to a dialogue… As a sign of good faith he freed political prisoners, and pardoned self exiled Hassan Mushaima.

By the return of Mushaima to the island I’m sure everyone noticed the crack in the wall of trust between everyone… Where the 14th feb people stood by their demands, and political societies reached where they never dreamt of reaching on the young blood’s account… They started exaggerating… Some wanted a republic, others wanted the resignation of the government, while others wanted the prosecution of the ruling family and so on…

A rally was organized by the 14th feb people to march towards the royal court, at a time where no one went back to the Crown Prince on his offer, the societies took a step back and had a rally of their on around the renowned Pearl Roundabout; the 14th feb supporters went with their plan, and the next day to the King’s house! Without the blessings of the scholars and the societies…. The very next day was the day everyone evacuated the roundabout by full force of the government with the backup of the Peninsula Shield.

A year down the line now; I can positively say we are way back beyond The year ’94. The kingdom under a political chaos, Anarchy, 14th feb guys are left alone in the dark, with no leadership, political societies are taking the scene with the backup of their in-house scholars, thugs roaming the streets; civil war-like events are taking place, middle eastern unrest… Armageddon if I may say!

Where are we going from here? What are the demands? Today, not yesterday, not last month… Today? Who’s the leader? Who’s accountable? And mainly who’s authorized to discuss such demands with the Crown Prince, that’s if the dialogue still stands; which I highly doubt…

I would like to know now; do you have a backup plan? Although I’m sure not; I would like to know… I’m a Bahraini and have a right just like everyone else does on this island, what’s next?
High expectations are the key to everything… On occasions… When there was a chance to discuss a way out, why the hell no one stepped up and did it… Now you get nothing, plus you get wiped. As always, we (Bahrainis) get to share the good and the bad, just by staying home and absolutely do nothing!

From the denial cave of my own existence,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


Cosmic Wars

A cosmic war by definition is “a religious war. It is a battle not between armies or nations, but between the forces of good and evil, a war in which God is believed to be directly engaged on behalf of one side against the other” – How to win a cosmic war, by Reza Aslan.
When the last of the prophets passed away more than a thousand years ago; it has been believed that he was the last messenger of God on his earth (as it has been believed by each and every other religion with their prophets); therefore when commoners needed advice they had to turn to higher people; when the divine seized to exist some had to step out and proclaim that position one way or another; mainly scholars took over that role even when the nation wasn’t a religious one. That’s the rise of false prophets in every civilization; when people need a just voice to trust and follow.
Such so-called prophets have their agendas; mainly for personal gains; sometimes through driving the society into a certain path or sometimes into convincing them that this is the way God intended it.
I personally always wanted to believe that politics and religion could be practiced together; yet after going through history and the world we live in today I regretfully am sure this can’t work. All the examples I witnessed and all the books I read showed that no man should be given full authorities; therefore theories such as “The Republic” and “Utopia” where thought of and discussed; to distribute power as equal as possible and eliminate personal and individual hogging of power.
In reality, today, we have all sorts of false prophets, sometimes they come as scholars and sometimes we see them as opposition leaders; other times as teachers or even commoners that in no time become a figure for no other reason but his followers who would do anything to make sure he is satisfied. Everyone should have something to believe in; to stand for, and maybe to die for. These are the ideals that most were raised on. Yet, choosing such ideals is what makes all the difference.
I have always seen such people taking sides and their followers blindly follows them like a cattle; it’s a fact of life that I don’t refuse; otherwise we all live as individuals and the word “society” would make no sense.
Opposition’s drive (all oppositions) has always been liberty and equality; but in reality it is always based on religion, tribal or racial belonging, and fortune. Let’s take the Libyan revolution in the last century as an example; it was the people’s choice; until the same man who was given all authorities and power was brought down by the very same people who fought and died for him. In Cuba, the revolution started in the name of people; yet the prosecuted civilians by the revolutionists were massive. What happens to ideals when put to the test? Fails? Or does it really show fangs instead of smiley teeth?
Bahrain is approaching a new era; an era I thought we will never witness. When everyone sees opportunities I see death; and where they see hope; I see a dark future. I hope I’m wrong, and I pray that I’m mistaking, but I’m not! People will turn against each other; it starts with words and ends in actions; bloody actions.
I pray that we all come back to our senses; and leave this act of the madness and avoid the inevitable, for The best way to win this war is to avoid it. As Reza Aslan exclaimed “How do you win a cosmic war? By simply refusing to fight in one!”

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie

Shameful Season


As Albert Pike once said “A war for a great principle ennobles a nation.”; how can one tell if it’s based on great principles or not? No one is welling to discuss and no one will admit their mistakes… Today, I see brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends, villages and cities claiming righteousness and just; and others claiming God and his heaven and deny others from it, I hear people, all people including very young children talking as if God sent them a messenger exclusively… What happened to us? Is this the Bahrain we all grew in?

This is a very dangerous game you all are playing, and I refuse to take sides beside the only side I ever chose… Bahrain’s side!

What would you rather have; peace or freedom? Does anything counts if freedom comes without peace? And what is peace without freedom? Yet that’s what I would settle for… First things first!
In the name of freedom some are vandalizing and in the name of peace others are burning… I don’t know how will that help? It never did… Only if we learn from the past… Lebanon has been a hell hole since the 70’s, Iran is still struggling even after 33 years… Let alone Northern Ireland, Cuba, and all of South America… Is that what Bahrain deserves? Is that what you all want? When will we learn to live the way God intended it? What will you answer the Lord when he asks you WHY? It’s not the action we are responsible for only, as well the bigger issues caused by that action… The chain reaction that this single action started!

We are one family, all of us, despite all our deference’s… Can’t we all just get along…? If we can’t then we don’t deserve to be sons of this blessed island…

Waiting to wake up from this nightmare,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie

Living a dream visible by no one else


Life is so strange pushing you where it sees fit, and exactly where it pisses you off the most… Some call it fate, some call it God, and many call it luck… I always believed that everyman is responsible for his own destiny… And that God has a plan for each of us, yet it’s us who makes it a reality… Or not!

Everyone should have a goal, a mission, or a reason to live for… Some chose a very big case such as freedom, fame, or even beauty… They are all reasons, good or bad… That’s what keeps us going… And if we are strong enough, we live dreams that no one else can see, let alone encourage… Those few heroes who made it, are the only ones who can look back with a smile of content and satisfaction, that says “I knew it all along”

As no one else sees such scenarios of triumph, be sure they’ll put you down, mock you, and even make fun of you… That what makes you different… Instead of wasting time and energy to make them see what you can, focus on yourself, on your plans and how to turn them into a reality, after all you will never make them believe or even see, so don’t count on anyone else… But for yourself.

Looking back in history would only tell you the same, no leader or scientist, singer, or an actor ever made it to be the best with no one to make fun of around them, to hold them back and give them the hardest of times… Yet they made it with distinction… Yet quitters are now long forgotten… They who took the road often travelled…

The road less traveled always… Always gets you through thorns and bumps, but leads you where you wanted to go in the first place, by other means though… Yet it makes you stand out among a crowd… Unlike all the others… Worth it, doesn’t it!

Keep it up, never give up… The harder it gets the bigger the rewards.

Humbly writing you from the middle of the less traveled road,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie

desperate times call for desperate measures


Life; is all that is there… In other words.. Existence.

Some blame life, some call it fate, some name it God‘s wisdom… Many didn’t find the point of calling it anything, instead wanted to understand it, figure it, or even analyze it… For a better tomorrow, for barely making it, or even towards a better life for others if not for themselves.

I myself have seen many desperate measures, by the most desperate individuals, for many causes, or reasons may it be needing money for a medical treatment just like John Q did, or even like what Nero did to his home town… Each icon in history did something to claim their places in the hall of fame amongst the victorious or the insane… If you think about it, they all chose to do whatever they did, and made a hard choice at the end of their story or in the middle for some that guaranteed them their status throughout the following centuries…

Why! I mean what made them tick? And what makes us tick as well? Everyone think what he stands for is just, and all others have no right to criticize it or even discuss it for some. We as readers, considered many as heroes while they were bloody murderers, and worshiped “figure of speech” others who didn’t deserve it, as well hated some just cause we didn’t like the way the story was told maybe… A matter of PR I’d say!

Some steal, and some lie, some kill and others would cheat… Some love and others give… What they have in common is the way their decision was conceived! To cut the chase, what would you do if all possibilities were not an option no more? If hope seemed like a myth, and time has already ran out? Would your decision be rational? Its more unlikely in many cases, but in few cases it might be superb… Yet most would be desperate, irrational, or even suicidal… That’s when a new hero is born, or a new psycho is in play!