desperate times call for desperate measures


Life; is all that is there… In other words.. Existence.

Some blame life, some call it fate, some name it God‘s wisdom… Many didn’t find the point of calling it anything, instead wanted to understand it, figure it, or even analyze it… For a better tomorrow, for barely making it, or even towards a better life for others if not for themselves.

I myself have seen many desperate measures, by the most desperate individuals, for many causes, or reasons may it be needing money for a medical treatment just like John Q did, or even like what Nero did to his home town… Each icon in history did something to claim their places in the hall of fame amongst the victorious or the insane… If you think about it, they all chose to do whatever they did, and made a hard choice at the end of their story or in the middle for some that guaranteed them their status throughout the following centuries…

Why! I mean what made them tick? And what makes us tick as well? Everyone think what he stands for is just, and all others have no right to criticize it or even discuss it for some. We as readers, considered many as heroes while they were bloody murderers, and worshiped “figure of speech” others who didn’t deserve it, as well hated some just cause we didn’t like the way the story was told maybe… A matter of PR I’d say!

Some steal, and some lie, some kill and others would cheat… Some love and others give… What they have in common is the way their decision was conceived! To cut the chase, what would you do if all possibilities were not an option no more? If hope seemed like a myth, and time has already ran out? Would your decision be rational? Its more unlikely in many cases, but in few cases it might be superb… Yet most would be desperate, irrational, or even suicidal… That’s when a new hero is born, or a new psycho is in play!


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