Don’t find fault, find a remedy…


Our world if full of disagreements and contradictions where everyone thinks he is right, which makes everyone else wrong… I always thought that to reach a certain point, you can use many ways, some use short, others might be forced to use the long ones… Who are we to judge… Yet to accuse all who might have different opinions other than your’s to be wrong, is like appointing yourself as a new age Messiah by the Lord (which is the case of ohh so many now a days)… Which makes others what? Lucifer? Judas?

In many cases, if not all in this digital era, i personally observed many so called reformers, politicians, and even opposition leaders who criticize and picture their opponents as the devil in disguise… Without giving any plan of what or how they’ll do what they demand for in case they got a chance… Dont get me wrong, some do… Yet i have always found it hard to believe such people; for history taught us not to trust them… For example, the renowned Ghaddafi, or the laid off Mubarak… They took over with many so called good intentions, we can all see the results today…

I am a hard man to convince, specially when political parties (who hardly know anything about politics) pushes their own agendas whenever possible… Islamists want things their way, liberals do too… And many many more, now imagine for a second each of their wishes came true (god forbids)… Where would that lead us? Us, the hood people? We who have no problem with one another? Who believes in making ends meet the honest way? No, they dont care about us, and what we want… A simple scenario would be Alcohol, some believes it’s an open path to hell, other’s have no problem with it, and some can’t live without it! How can we live a normal life if they achieved what they wanted? Hell we won’t…

Today’s situation proves that non of the so called political societies knows shit about politics; if they do (as many claims) then why is MY COUNTRY facing all this from within?
Now all assets on this island belongs to us all, with no exceptions… As per islamic writings, the man who took away the reason that was stopping people from crossing the road safely, was sent to heaven….! What about all these blocked streets? Fear? Lack of safety?… I rest my case…

Anyhow, back to the subject… Everyone claims to know better, yet i met non who leads by example so far… within these societies you’ll see dirty politics, hogging presidency, and mostly lots and lots of agendas; being an ex member of one of them, what made me leave is what i saw; how every society trying to pull off more supporters, more funding, and more agendas as well which is of no interest to any common man…

Again, i support reforms, and i surley support the well being of every Bahraini, yet i as well believe there are other ways to do it, better ways… Ways that bring us together rather than apart; ways that strengthen us and take us higher; not ways that take us back to the 17th century…

Many would dissagree as many would agree with all the above; yet i wish we all agree to live the Bahraini way as we always did, and follow a trustworthy leader who led by example, and not people who said and never did… It’s a free country… I wish we chose wisely…

For a better Tomorrow i pray,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


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