Shameful Season


As Albert Pike once said “A war for a great principle ennobles a nation.”; how can one tell if it’s based on great principles or not? No one is welling to discuss and no one will admit their mistakes… Today, I see brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends, villages and cities claiming righteousness and just; and others claiming God and his heaven and deny others from it, I hear people, all people including very young children talking as if God sent them a messenger exclusively… What happened to us? Is this the Bahrain we all grew in?

This is a very dangerous game you all are playing, and I refuse to take sides beside the only side I ever chose… Bahrain’s side!

What would you rather have; peace or freedom? Does anything counts if freedom comes without peace? And what is peace without freedom? Yet that’s what I would settle for… First things first!
In the name of freedom some are vandalizing and in the name of peace others are burning… I don’t know how will that help? It never did… Only if we learn from the past… Lebanon has been a hell hole since the 70’s, Iran is still struggling even after 33 years… Let alone Northern Ireland, Cuba, and all of South America… Is that what Bahrain deserves? Is that what you all want? When will we learn to live the way God intended it? What will you answer the Lord when he asks you WHY? It’s not the action we are responsible for only, as well the bigger issues caused by that action… The chain reaction that this single action started!

We are one family, all of us, despite all our deference’s… Can’t we all just get along…? If we can’t then we don’t deserve to be sons of this blessed island…

Waiting to wake up from this nightmare,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


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