Cosmic Wars

A cosmic war by definition is “a religious war. It is a battle not between armies or nations, but between the forces of good and evil, a war in which God is believed to be directly engaged on behalf of one side against the other” – How to win a cosmic war, by Reza Aslan.
When the last of the prophets passed away more than a thousand years ago; it has been believed that he was the last messenger of God on his earth (as it has been believed by each and every other religion with their prophets); therefore when commoners needed advice they had to turn to higher people; when the divine seized to exist some had to step out and proclaim that position one way or another; mainly scholars took over that role even when the nation wasn’t a religious one. That’s the rise of false prophets in every civilization; when people need a just voice to trust and follow.
Such so-called prophets have their agendas; mainly for personal gains; sometimes through driving the society into a certain path or sometimes into convincing them that this is the way God intended it.
I personally always wanted to believe that politics and religion could be practiced together; yet after going through history and the world we live in today I regretfully am sure this can’t work. All the examples I witnessed and all the books I read showed that no man should be given full authorities; therefore theories such as “The Republic” and “Utopia” where thought of and discussed; to distribute power as equal as possible and eliminate personal and individual hogging of power.
In reality, today, we have all sorts of false prophets, sometimes they come as scholars and sometimes we see them as opposition leaders; other times as teachers or even commoners that in no time become a figure for no other reason but his followers who would do anything to make sure he is satisfied. Everyone should have something to believe in; to stand for, and maybe to die for. These are the ideals that most were raised on. Yet, choosing such ideals is what makes all the difference.
I have always seen such people taking sides and their followers blindly follows them like a cattle; it’s a fact of life that I don’t refuse; otherwise we all live as individuals and the word “society” would make no sense.
Opposition’s drive (all oppositions) has always been liberty and equality; but in reality it is always based on religion, tribal or racial belonging, and fortune. Let’s take the Libyan revolution in the last century as an example; it was the people’s choice; until the same man who was given all authorities and power was brought down by the very same people who fought and died for him. In Cuba, the revolution started in the name of people; yet the prosecuted civilians by the revolutionists were massive. What happens to ideals when put to the test? Fails? Or does it really show fangs instead of smiley teeth?
Bahrain is approaching a new era; an era I thought we will never witness. When everyone sees opportunities I see death; and where they see hope; I see a dark future. I hope I’m wrong, and I pray that I’m mistaking, but I’m not! People will turn against each other; it starts with words and ends in actions; bloody actions.
I pray that we all come back to our senses; and leave this act of the madness and avoid the inevitable, for The best way to win this war is to avoid it. As Reza Aslan exclaimed “How do you win a cosmic war? By simply refusing to fight in one!”

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


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