Evolution as I know it evolves man from being a basic creature, living like the animals to what we became today; civilized. Now, some societies wants to skip such steps and invert what nature enforced. In order for a society to evolve, people have to evolve in return for the society to do so. Not the other way around! Germany for example was a land known for farmers and farms, when Hitler and his renowned party took over; a new set of firm and strict regulations have transformed that society into the hardest working people to ever walk the earth in modern times (beside the Japanese). I don’t support Hitler and his ideals, but I stand by anything I see right (as much as I could). Germans, from there had a new spirit, instead of saying “what would Germany do for us”, Hitler made them think “what could they give to Germany” instead; and that was they key success factor that made Germany what it is, and what made Japan what it is as well. In both scenarios building the country started from within; and that what made all the difference. So, any society that wants to have a higher standard, on all aspects should look within and be the change they want to see in the world, and not expect all factors to change by themselves, for them to come and enjoy it! That will never happen. I sometimes can measure that by driving around… By standing in a queue; or even walk on streets… Can we compare our driving to the Germans? In that country if you miss use your car honk you may be jailed, while here people use it to greet each other! Here where no one sticks to his turn in a queue, in japan is a ground to be prosecuted. My point is, evolution is something you start by yourself, admit your mistakes and fix them, from there everything will be more than we want; stop blaming others for your faults and take initiatives; be responsible.

In a land where no one believes they do mistakes and blame everyone else instead, a revolution isn’t what’s required, but an evolution!

Someone who started to dare to believe,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


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