Then what? “A question from the Crossroads”


Today, Valentine’s day, what’s known locally as “14th of feb” in Bahrain; is the benchmark of what’s next, is the stepping stone of what will be. The escalation on the local scene has been tempered in the past couple of weeks by the opposition (led by the Shiites); their rivals (mainly Sunnies); and the comparative foxy official quietness.

Today is where the oppositions claims and threats are tested; they announced how they will die for their beliefs; some claimed to leave the island if what used to be a roundabout isn’t taken over by them, others said they’ll die for it to happen… And so in!

If that didn’t happen; then what? Will this be the situation from here? Or will they backdown? Will things be better? Or as usual, from here to worst? Is it personal now? Or will everyone think rationally?

Let’s wait and see,


P.S. This is not a criticism to any side, just wondering how things will be like from now on…


3 thoughts on “Then what? “A question from the Crossroads”

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