Burning Bridges

Reaching a dead-end sometimes differs from failing. sometimes, burning bridges makes sense for cutting losses and accepting the inevitable; other times it’s a staring point, or a fresh new start.

Is a bridge burner a coward? Or does it take courage and bravery to do so?
sometimes “and I say sometimes” the past can be harmful -keeping in mind that it made us who we are with all the good and the bad experiences we got hurt from, enjoyed or even learned from- so doesn’t it take a man to stop the harm and leave it behind? Start a healing process? Or is that considered fear of the unknown? not standing up for what you wanted the most? won’t the fire from the bridge(s) we burn light the way for what’s coming? or will we keep on committing the same mistakes all over again? each and every time? won’t the fire from the bridge(s) burn us instead of showing us the way?

Lots of questions; some are better remain unanswered; and some cannot be answered anyway…

Caught between two fires in the middle of a burned bridge,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


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