All or nothing


I have been trying for a while now to hide a flame in the dark; but when its light failed to expose me; the sound of fire feasting on my shattered remains did.

In human context, a family is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity, affinity, or co-residence.

But how i understood it, is that a family is a blood tie between a group of people putting each other ahead of any benefit. To love and care for one another; to cherish, support and even defend if needed be. Have I got it all wrong?

The sun rose and then the sun set but the shadows remained; when once there was sound, now there was silence… What once was whole, now is shattered, but that was not the end for when there is hope there surely will be a life and that’s where my life begins, I am born again and brought back from the ashes of hatred and hypocrisy… This is where I start again on my own; for being alone is further way better than surrounded by phony friends and a scam of a family.

Its whether I have it all or nothing; a proper family ties; or in my case none!
At least I can minimize my loses that way; and won’t count on people that won’t just let me down; but will make sure to infect my wound after causing it.

On the bright side, I have been blessed with friends from all around the globe, caring, sweet, thoughtful friends that made the loss I encountered a vague picture fading day by day… Although we are distant now, but somehow very close.

Clocks ticked but time did not pass; a man with no family is surely a nomad in a never ending field of sand… Yet YOU my friends made it possible, made it bearable and worth a while… Thank you for every word that made it’s way to my core soul, thank you for every smile you drew on my face, and most of all thank you for believing in me when no one else did even myself…

So if you think about it, I lost a few and gained even more… That’s life eh! For that I am grateful.

Simply; me!

A tribute to Herr Sharma for seeing me through my stormy teen, a man with a vision such as you can never perish and will always live through me. May the Lord rest your soul in eternal peace. Longing to see you one fine day and tell you about my troubled day… Seeking your advice has always been something I look forward to


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