The War against God!

Now some may call it “out of this world” and others would just call it insane; but I would say it’s already upon us, and that my friends is what really matters now!

This war, is not a war waged by the anti-Christ, and surely not by atheists… It’s a war by men of God (or so they claim)…

In the holy Quran, the Lord commanded people to worship him, the one who protected them from fear and prevented them from hunger…. I think it’s safe to say that the Almighty has favored peace, serenity and security over food… For with no peace, what value for food will there be?

Throughout history, modern and ancient; priests, shaman, and scholars amongst the rest of their similar positioned religious spokesmen have always had control over their herds, in the name of God, any God their people would worship.

Now such people (mostly men, but women have their share as well) spoke in the name of the Gods and commanded them in their names to prosecute, kill and cast away their fellow-men for no other reason but control and power… Not all of them were/are of the same breed, but most are.

Looking back in history would only explain us what’s going on today and what will happen in the future in some cases; all wars (with minor exceptions) were religiously driven; if not against a fellow race it would be against a fellow-man… I might understand (somehow) the crusades when the Christians waged a holy war to free Jerusalem from the Muslims, but I’ll never understand the Irish Christian/Christian civil war! What do we call that? Stupidity? Ignorance? Or is it seeking power? Power with a hell of a price to pay… By people, not their leaders! Sudan is another case to closely monitor for us to understand and see to ourselves that no winners will come out of it.

“All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers”
Francois Fenelon

They promise them exclusive entry to the Elysian Fields and like a cattle they are driven to the slaughter grounds; as if heaven keys were exclusively given to them for safe keeping!

No one speaks for God; he speaks for himself and always did… He would never have an issue communicating with us; after all he created everything; hasn’t he? We ask HIM for advice, we ask HIM for a better tomorrow, not phony mortals in strange costumes who barely can make sense to their followers… God created us all equally, and favored no one but by deeds… He doesn’t want us to kill our fellow-man for no other reason but being different, and doesn’t want us to think we are better…. He wants us to act it, and be better for real!

There’s no difference between an easterner or a westerner, between black or white, Asian or African, man or a woman, old or young… But for their legacy… What are they bound to leave behind? A book maybe? Or a help one gives to a stranger that turns out to be a scientist that saves a million lives?

“It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you; it’s what you leave behind you when you’re gone” Three Wooden Crosses – Randy Travis

If one claims to love God, worship him, believe in him… I ask this… What did God say about loving one another? What did men say about it? What did God say about forgiving? What did men say about it? What did God say about killing innocent in his name? And what did men say about it?

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


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