Ode to you (wherever you may be)

Ode to you my friend, wherever you may be
Ode to times we spent, never thought might end

Ode to a love well shared,
Ode to days… Memories can never be spared

An ode goes to days spent under the sun,
And under the moon where was all the fun

Farewell to you wherever you might end,
For all I know, there’s a picture of us i cannot mend

You’ll always be mine, here in my heart,
You’ll always have a hiding place, whenever you don’t know where to start

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise

This post is written with Ray Charles‘ song “Hard Times” playing in the background over and over again… Indeed no one know’s it better than he did… with all what he went through in his lifetime; the strength he had to face his demons and actually overcome them, just to be who he still is, the one and only Ray Charles…

Idols and their stories were written in the first place to give us strength and faith “maybe”, to make us go on, not give up and most probably to get out of life alive eventually… All of them had one thing in common, whether they were leaders or singers, writers or actors… determination to go against the tide; a sense of change that no one else could see… was just wondering (and oooh my, I do alot of that) what would have happened if someone like Isaac Newton didn’t leave all behind and went by that apple tree; or someone like Galileo Galilei didn’t notice that swinging chandelier? actually what would happen if they haven’t pursued their dreams based on their “irrational” findings?

History’s hall of fame is dominated by psychopaths and madmen; is it possible that the pathway to greatness plays with your mind? or is it that greatness is nothing but madness?

For all i know; people who are different are those who makes the headlines; for no other reason but being “against” the norm!

So; is it foolish to be wise -the kind of wisdom that none else sees-, others consider it madness where ignorance is a bliss? or is that what a weak person would say? a person who can’t stand up and defend his beliefs? an outnumbered person?

I say the sky is the limit; and the more stones are cased; the more I know I’m on the right path, to glory, greatness, and maybe if I’m lucky… IF I’m lucky -although I believe luck is overrated- to be remembered when I’m gone! nothing is gonna stop me from achieving what I long to be; and no one is gonna stop me from becoming what I will… and yes oh yes, I will keep on walking that street of dreams just like a blind man did once; and became one of the most known musicians of all time.

History is a prequel to our lifetime; in order for us to read the future and understand the present; one has to look into it and learn as well as much as he can. Otherwise it will make no sense…

The path to glory is paved with pain and hard times; it is known… So; I say bring it on and lets meet on the other side and see who made it and who hasn’t… Hard Times? bring them on; I’ll rest when I’m dead… As long as I breath; this shall go on…

From the bottom; promising myself to be a better man,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie