Proportional encounters

Life is full of contradictions; whether we like it or not… There’s always the big and there’s the small; there’s the high and surely the low…  yet what really amazes me are the double standards…Yes, the fact that it’s alright for someone to think or to do something; yet it is not for someone else…   That happens when people really think high of themselves; I mean higher than they should think… Logically, the intolerable initiative  that it’s OK for to insult B, but it’s NOT OK for B to insult A. Of course, B and A can be replaced with many different races, religions, etc.

We are thoughtful drivers, others in traffic are mere jerks; or; Men are Jerks, Women are victims; and my favorite; females checking a man’s butt is acceptable, males doing the same will be labeled as pigs! Men having females friends are out of the line; women sleep with their exes is insecurity! apparently it’s a never ending list, and sometimes it’s better to let go… not to go coco.

Imagine a girl approaches you and says that her friend would like to meet you (what is more thrilling than that)? On the other hand, if your male friend approaches a girl and tells her that you want to meet her, she might just be turned off by your lack of confidence and lack of ability to approach her directly by yourself.

When Joseph Stalin said “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic” he was talking about the two types of people in life; leaders and followers… to him cattle is just a number… even when I thought I could role that out of this equation; I failed… both are human beings; yet labeled once more!

When I thought I could discuss this; I proved myself wrong; it’s our nature I believe (to a certain degree), but sometimes with some it’s just too much… Yes, I agree a person should believe in himself and posses a high self esteem; but not to extreme degrees cause that’s not even arrogance; but a plain sickness.

So, stay healthy 😉

No matter where we are; and no matter where we end up to be… it will always be five o’clock somewhere… despite the fact that we have time zones… Irony? or another contradiction?

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


Lifting shadows off a dream


Standing on a foreign ground; among a strange crowd, in a queue with people from all around the planet being asked where we came from; and where are we going from here… jokingly I said “no one ever knows” which made me do nothing else but long for the warm sunny island I belong to; surely; makes me long for the people who made this island worth a while; those who gave life a meaning in the first place; with the good and the bad; yet once a person is isolated from all that; HOME will appeal as it never did before; with all the good and bad… the way we are; or were in some cases!

From where I stand; seems to me that I made a big deal getting angry over some silly stuff; or maybe overreacted towards something or someone; and the other way around; I heard some words that shouldn’t be said; and was treated wrong and never reacted properly… All that matters as much as a juicy Steak to a vegetarian now… It’s all been said and done…

From where I stand; I somehow am trying to oversee all that for its fading and what’s clear  are the good that I was done by; the sweetness and tenderness that I came across… has anyone noticed that In times of agony;  smallest of gestures have the highest value anyone could imagine? It is; and in times when I was down and literary wounded; a friend came into my life; a true one that stood by me and believed in me; that now, no matter what came our way; what was done and what was said; I chose to lift these shadows off such a beautiful dream and remember it without any rotten apples; for I chose to see it the way I want to; beautiful and bright…

We all know what memories can bring; so, no matter where life takes us; and no matter where we end up to be… I’ll always have this image in my heart; of young, happy people… even if it wasn’t… that’s the deference between a photograph and a painting…

I will follow the stars no matter how far they are;

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie

Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise

This post is written with Ray Charles‘ song “Hard Times” playing in the background over and over again… Indeed no one know’s it better than he did… with all what he went through in his lifetime; the strength he had to face his demons and actually overcome them, just to be who he still is, the one and only Ray Charles…

Idols and their stories were written in the first place to give us strength and faith “maybe”, to make us go on, not give up and most probably to get out of life alive eventually… All of them had one thing in common, whether they were leaders or singers, writers or actors… determination to go against the tide; a sense of change that no one else could see… was just wondering (and oooh my, I do alot of that) what would have happened if someone like Isaac Newton didn’t leave all behind and went by that apple tree; or someone like Galileo Galilei didn’t notice that swinging chandelier? actually what would happen if they haven’t pursued their dreams based on their “irrational” findings?

History’s hall of fame is dominated by psychopaths and madmen; is it possible that the pathway to greatness plays with your mind? or is it that greatness is nothing but madness?

For all i know; people who are different are those who makes the headlines; for no other reason but being “against” the norm!

So; is it foolish to be wise -the kind of wisdom that none else sees-, others consider it madness where ignorance is a bliss? or is that what a weak person would say? a person who can’t stand up and defend his beliefs? an outnumbered person?

I say the sky is the limit; and the more stones are cased; the more I know I’m on the right path, to glory, greatness, and maybe if I’m lucky… IF I’m lucky -although I believe luck is overrated- to be remembered when I’m gone! nothing is gonna stop me from achieving what I long to be; and no one is gonna stop me from becoming what I will… and yes oh yes, I will keep on walking that street of dreams just like a blind man did once; and became one of the most known musicians of all time.

History is a prequel to our lifetime; in order for us to read the future and understand the present; one has to look into it and learn as well as much as he can. Otherwise it will make no sense…

The path to glory is paved with pain and hard times; it is known… So; I say bring it on and lets meet on the other side and see who made it and who hasn’t… Hard Times? bring them on; I’ll rest when I’m dead… As long as I breath; this shall go on…

From the bottom; promising myself to be a better man,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie

Burning Bridges

Reaching a dead-end sometimes differs from failing. sometimes, burning bridges makes sense for cutting losses and accepting the inevitable; other times it’s a staring point, or a fresh new start.

Is a bridge burner a coward? Or does it take courage and bravery to do so?
sometimes “and I say sometimes” the past can be harmful -keeping in mind that it made us who we are with all the good and the bad experiences we got hurt from, enjoyed or even learned from- so doesn’t it take a man to stop the harm and leave it behind? Start a healing process? Or is that considered fear of the unknown? not standing up for what you wanted the most? won’t the fire from the bridge(s) we burn light the way for what’s coming? or will we keep on committing the same mistakes all over again? each and every time? won’t the fire from the bridge(s) burn us instead of showing us the way?

Lots of questions; some are better remain unanswered; and some cannot be answered anyway…

Caught between two fires in the middle of a burned bridge,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie

Lead the way; be the change


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

A moment of truth; I have always given people my opinions and always asked them to keep the faith and never let go of whatever they pursued. The problem is that I always focused on them, and left myself out. Instead of changing their beliefs and looking after them achieving their dreams; I should have worked on my flaws, fix my past mistakes, face my fears, and pursue my dreams. In other words be the change I want to see.

To all whom I harmed intentionally or not; I am sorry. To all whom I lied to, I apologize. To whom I wasn’t up to their expectations accept my sincere remorse.

Now back to reality; having the capability to admit to your faults and mistakes isn’t as easy as we read or heard… It’s one of the hardest things I ever came across; it’s like stopping in the middle of the road and go “what the hell have I been doing” and “ok, let’s cut the crap and start with business” with all the criticism and put downs; it is worth it.

so, changing the world, start from one’s self; it all starts from within… not by watching the news, but by making them, and not by sitting on that corner begging for “change” but by making the big bucks.

And finally; make sure you correct your faults before casting the first stone, and make sure you don’t do mistakes and advice others to prevent making them. Lead the way, by example, be the way you want see the society as; don’t let the society sees you how it wants, that’s the meaning of being a pioneer.

From the resurrection cave of my core soul,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie