Ode to you (wherever you may be)

Ode to you my friend, wherever you may be
Ode to times we spent, never thought might end

Ode to a love well shared,
Ode to days… Memories can never be spared

An ode goes to days spent under the sun,
And under the moon where was all the fun

Farewell to you wherever you might end,
For all I know, there’s a picture of us i cannot mend

You’ll always be mine, here in my heart,
You’ll always have a hiding place, whenever you don’t know where to start

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


Lifting shadows off a dream


Standing on a foreign ground; among a strange crowd, in a queue with people from all around the planet being asked where we came from; and where are we going from here… jokingly I said “no one ever knows” which made me do nothing else but long for the warm sunny island I belong to; surely; makes me long for the people who made this island worth a while; those who gave life a meaning in the first place; with the good and the bad; yet once a person is isolated from all that; HOME will appeal as it never did before; with all the good and bad… the way we are; or were in some cases!

From where I stand; seems to me that I made a big deal getting angry over some silly stuff; or maybe overreacted towards something or someone; and the other way around; I heard some words that shouldn’t be said; and was treated wrong and never reacted properly… All that matters as much as a juicy Steak to a vegetarian now… It’s all been said and done…

From where I stand; I somehow am trying to oversee all that for its fading and what’s clear  are the good that I was done by; the sweetness and tenderness that I came across… has anyone noticed that In times of agony;  smallest of gestures have the highest value anyone could imagine? It is; and in times when I was down and literary wounded; a friend came into my life; a true one that stood by me and believed in me; that now, no matter what came our way; what was done and what was said; I chose to lift these shadows off such a beautiful dream and remember it without any rotten apples; for I chose to see it the way I want to; beautiful and bright…

We all know what memories can bring; so, no matter where life takes us; and no matter where we end up to be… I’ll always have this image in my heart; of young, happy people… even if it wasn’t… that’s the deference between a photograph and a painting…

I will follow the stars no matter how far they are;

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie

21 days later

Life in general is full of journeys; and mine in particular is as well… Many faces have come and gone; and many will come and go… yet some can’t be forgotten… Somehow that’s what I hate the most… Goodbyes!

It’s time to hit the road and once again I leave you all behind, it’s time to say goodbye my friends, I’m glad you stayed until the end… Hoping the time spent is a time well spent… Although I know that one day I’ll be back again… and until I do… I’ll be thinking of you…

Yes it’s time to say aufwiedersehn, sayonata and ciao my friend, you¹ll always have a place within my heart;


Living a dream visible by no one else


Life is so strange pushing you where it sees fit, and exactly where it pisses you off the most… Some call it fate, some call it God, and many call it luck… I always believed that everyman is responsible for his own destiny… And that God has a plan for each of us, yet it’s us who makes it a reality… Or not!

Everyone should have a goal, a mission, or a reason to live for… Some chose a very big case such as freedom, fame, or even beauty… They are all reasons, good or bad… That’s what keeps us going… And if we are strong enough, we live dreams that no one else can see, let alone encourage… Those few heroes who made it, are the only ones who can look back with a smile of content and satisfaction, that says “I knew it all along”

As no one else sees such scenarios of triumph, be sure they’ll put you down, mock you, and even make fun of you… That what makes you different… Instead of wasting time and energy to make them see what you can, focus on yourself, on your plans and how to turn them into a reality, after all you will never make them believe or even see, so don’t count on anyone else… But for yourself.

Looking back in history would only tell you the same, no leader or scientist, singer, or an actor ever made it to be the best with no one to make fun of around them, to hold them back and give them the hardest of times… Yet they made it with distinction… Yet quitters are now long forgotten… They who took the road often travelled…

The road less traveled always… Always gets you through thorns and bumps, but leads you where you wanted to go in the first place, by other means though… Yet it makes you stand out among a crowd… Unlike all the others… Worth it, doesn’t it!

Keep it up, never give up… The harder it gets the bigger the rewards.

Humbly writing you from the middle of the less traveled road,

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie