Ode to you (wherever you may be)

Ode to you my friend, wherever you may be
Ode to times we spent, never thought might end

Ode to a love well shared,
Ode to days… Memories can never be spared

An ode goes to days spent under the sun,
And under the moon where was all the fun

Farewell to you wherever you might end,
For all I know, there’s a picture of us i cannot mend

You’ll always be mine, here in my heart,
You’ll always have a hiding place, whenever you don’t know where to start

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie


Lifting shadows off a dream


Standing on a foreign ground; among a strange crowd, in a queue with people from all around the planet being asked where we came from; and where are we going from here… jokingly I said “no one ever knows” which made me do nothing else but long for the warm sunny island I belong to; surely; makes me long for the people who made this island worth a while; those who gave life a meaning in the first place; with the good and the bad; yet once a person is isolated from all that; HOME will appeal as it never did before; with all the good and bad… the way we are; or were in some cases!

From where I stand; seems to me that I made a big deal getting angry over some silly stuff; or maybe overreacted towards something or someone; and the other way around; I heard some words that shouldn’t be said; and was treated wrong and never reacted properly… All that matters as much as a juicy Steak to a vegetarian now… It’s all been said and done…

From where I stand; I somehow am trying to oversee all that for its fading and what’s clear  are the good that I was done by; the sweetness and tenderness that I came across… has anyone noticed that In times of agony;  smallest of gestures have the highest value anyone could imagine? It is; and in times when I was down and literary wounded; a friend came into my life; a true one that stood by me and believed in me; that now, no matter what came our way; what was done and what was said; I chose to lift these shadows off such a beautiful dream and remember it without any rotten apples; for I chose to see it the way I want to; beautiful and bright…

We all know what memories can bring; so, no matter where life takes us; and no matter where we end up to be… I’ll always have this image in my heart; of young, happy people… even if it wasn’t… that’s the deference between a photograph and a painting…

I will follow the stars no matter how far they are;

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie

Same script, different cast

Sometimes I just think to myself how awesome it would be to wake up just to find out that I and all the people around me were actors in this sick drama; and we’ll all go out for drinks right after the show…

Only if life was that kind…

Do you ever lay awake at night staring at the ceiling while you think about every moment you wish you could change? Change something you did or said? Something about yourself? Or maybe something happened to someone dare to you? I know I do…

I always heard that being a human means we are allowed to do mistakes; all sorts of them… Yet it brings me tears to recall some of the things I did; the shame; the blame; and all that made me lose a game… Some mistakes made me stronger that’s for sure; but some made me hate myself as well… Well… That’s just a part of life… Do one thing right; and the other wrong… Yet what hurts me the most is knowing I hurt someone along the way; let alone the fact that this someone is THE one…

How many things existed just cause people believed in them? For sure feelings are amongst such list… When you believe you are into someone that much, but they are not! It’s just cause they don’t share the same belief… same thing with harm; where we do certain things we believe are good or fine; while to some its plain evil and pure harm.

All I can add to the above is that I am a changing man; trying my best day by day to be.
I don’t know where will that road take me; and I have no clue how will it end up to be like…
But I know one thing for sure; I know I did wrong; and I know as well that I started to make it better… I pray to find the right way on the right time…

from the only street I know; writing you from the street of broken dreams;

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzaie

A tribute to the woman who has been the kindest to me; and I was the exact opposite… You are one of a kind and I would have done a lot of things different. “I lived in this place and I’ve known all the face, each one is different but thy are always the same…” simply cause they are not you “I never dreamed home would end up where I don’t belong” cause home is where one’s belongs; and you are my home.